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24/7 Service, You Call, We Haul!

We provide immediate assistance with moving and transportation of industrial machinery and heavy equipment.

Efficient Industrial Transportation in Edmonton

Whether you are installing new state-of-the-art equipment in an industrial plant or relocating that plant to a new location, Rusty’s Equipment & General Hauling Ltd provides careful, comprehensive service in Edmonton so that your equipment transportation and installation is done without damage. Moving to a new project? Call Rusty’s Equipment & General Hauling Ltd for cost-effective general hauling, overhead crane removal and installation.

Local, Long Distance, or International

Rusty’s Equipment & General Hauling Ltd is a family-owned company located in Edmonton, specializing in moving and transporting machinery and heavy equipment for more than 50 years. We provide industrial or commercial transportation services to the United States and Eastern Canada and can ship internationally.

Our Fleet

Rusty’s Equipment & General Hauling Ltd has trucks and equipment capable of moving any type of heavy equipment or machinery. Our fleet includes various trailers, picker and winch trucks, and forklifts that can move loads from 3,000 to 80,000 lbs. We also offer crating and storage services.


Call us at 780-456-5611 for a complete, professional assessment.

A truck Hauling materials


Our exclusive range of services includes close and detailed monitoring of your shipments starting from pick-up point to final destination 24/7. We specialize in:

Machinery moving
Plant moves
Forklift service
Picker service
General hauling

Service Area

British Columbia
Canada & US
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Our Services

We offer transportation for machinery and heavy equipment.

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Call or email us today for information on our hauling services.

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Machinery Moving in Canada & US?

Call Rusty’s Equipment & General Hauling Ltd for reliable transportation of your heavy items safely to their destination.

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