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Forklift Services for Heavy Lifting in Edmonton

Rusty’s Equipment & General Hauling Ltd’s forklift services are designed to lift 3,000 to 80,000 lbs capacity. Our forklift trucks are powered by electric, propane, or diesel to provide you with efficient results. Our experienced operators can handle both indoor and outdoor forklifts with a gantry system for controlled and secure lifting. We have fork extensions up to 8 ft and can handle 30,000 –80,000 lifts to fit through a 10 ft door opening. What’s more, 80,000 lifts can be equipped with a jib attachment for overhead lifting.


Our services are trusted by the most prominent companies and regarded as best-in-class. Our workers are trained and experienced in loading and hauling and capable of handling even the most challenging lifting jobs. You can count on us for safe lifts of your machines or equipment. Whether you need one unit machine moved or have a big upcoming project, Rusty’s Equipment & General Hauling Ltd can provide all of the industrial moving services you need with cost-effectiveness. Contact us for more information.

forklift in the plant near wooden pallets

Crating and packing are available upon request.

Picker Trucks for Loading Supplies

Choose our picker service for efficient loading and unloading of supplies.

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