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Trucks Available for Reliable Picker Service in Edmonton

Rusty’s Equipment & General Hauling Ltd offers picker service for all your industrial needs in Canada and the US regions. If you require efficient loading and unloading of supplies, Rusty’s Equipment & General Hauling Ltd’s picker trucks are the solution you need. Our trucks are recognized for their versatility, durability, excellent design, safety features, and value. 

We have 22-ton picker trucks with an outreach of 82 ft. Plus, various crane sizes are also available for any company working in the materials handling industry. Our team members have the right experience and knowledge to serve materials handling. Together, we make sure your supplies are carefully loaded and unloaded and that you are satisfied with our services. If you have any questions to ask us or require a quote for your upcoming project, don’t hesitate to call us. We are always available to provide dependable picker services.

Trucking Services

Specialty hauling across Edmonton, Alberta and BC
Goods and material hauling
Heavy and light equipment hauling
Highboy, trombone, tri-axle lowboy and 8-wheel jeep
Pilot cars
boom truck lifting the wooden materials
crating and packing

Crating and packing are available upon request.

Call for a Haul

Call us round-the-clock for reliable and on-time hauling services.

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